We buy junk cars and unwanted cars for cash in MD.

What do I need to sell my junk car in Maryland?

To sell your vehicle for cash in Maryland, all you need is the vehicle's title or registration. If you don't have either of the documents, we won't be able to buy your car, unfortunately. However, if you are the vehicle's owner, you can get a title replacement from any MVA office, and we can use that document to buy your car and help you get rid of it.

How to get cash for cars in MD
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We buy all type of vehicles, cars, trucks and SUVs, even if they do not turn on!

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What do we need from you?

All we need is the title or registration of your vehicle. It’s that easy.

What should you do after selling your junk car in Maryland?


Do not cancel your auto insurance yet!



Once you sell your unwanted car, you need to cancel your auto insurance. However, many people don’t know that you must return your vehicle’s plates to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, in this case, Maryland’s MVA, before canceling any auto insurance. Then, after the MVA or DMV gives you a receipt verifying that you have returned your plates, you can cancel your auto insurance.
Important note: if you cancel your auto insurance before returning your plates, the DMV will fine you for every day that you haven’t returned the plates, counting from the day you cancel your auto insurance. The fine occurs because they assume that you are driving your vehicle without auto insurance, and the only way the DMV knows you sold your car is by returning your plates to the MVA or DMV and receiving your receipt.


Everything you need to know about selling a junk car in Maryland

Yes, we buy all types of vehicles no matter what condition they are in. If we can get it on a lift, we will buy it!
If you don’t have your car title we can use the vehicle registration and your driver’s license to drive it in the majority of cases. If you don’t have the vehicle registration either, you need to communicate with the DMV or MVA, or a tag & title authorizer and apply for a duplicate title or new registration.
If you aren’t the vehicle owner and you would like to sell if for cash, you need to have the owner’s permission and a signed car title.
That is no problem. Once you sell us your vehicle, we take responsibility for moving it the same day.
If a tenant abandoned a car on your property, you should call the police first and follow the special instructions that they give before seeking our service.
Normally we can pick it up the same day. If for some reason we can’t pick it up immediately we will let you know.

Why Us?

Unlike other companies that buy junk cars, salvaged, or unwanted vehicles in Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC, we want the process of selling your vehicle to be easy and fast. We don’t want to intimidate our clients with a lot of questions, checks or tedious processes that take more than a few minutes. With us you can trust that the process will be fast, effective and take no time at all.

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*The invoice must have the logo of the company that is giving you the offer. Cash For Cars MD has the right to accept or not the veracity of the invoice.

*Cash For Cars MD only buys junk or unusable cars. If your car is in good condition we can buy it, but it will be valued as if it was useless and was for scrap metal.

*Cash For Cars MD is not required to accept any invoice if there is suspicion that the invoice was made for dishonest purposes..

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